I stumbled across this playlist on ISO50, the site of very talented designer Scott Hansen, where I get all of Peter’s t-shirts. The man makes a mean t-shirt! Apparently he is also a musician, AND he listens to very addictive music, because I couldn’t get enough of this playlist. So check that out at your leisure, but I think my next few song’o’the weeks will be related to it. First!

Light Powered by Deastro

This is uber housecleaning music, and as one blogger put it: “Full of grand bouncing Zelda like electronics, it was hard not to like.” I pretty much can’t put it any better than that! I am usually not crazy about electronica, but this has so much personality! Love it.

Enjoi, and stay tuned…


Today I am trying to finish some web projects so I can get back to making things. Here is my new favourite coffeeshop on a springish winters day!

The art on the wall (which rotates! yes, its a coffee shop/gallery!) is by Rosemary Leach. I like the one with the ice cream scoop and the one with the espresso machine.

Also, I am nominating a new song of the week! As always, its not actually that new, but I love it the more I listen to it. The whole album is pretty great, actually. Check it out! TV On the Radio seems to be one of those genre-defying bands, but they have lots of soul. In the figurative sense I mean, more than the genre. Ahem. Just listen to it!!

TV On The Radio – Love Dog

Via the Hype Machine / my friend Tarah, and then via We All Want Someone To Shout For. Thanks, peeps!

This is sort of an oldie but as I went through my archives I realized I had never posted it.  Shocking! It came up on my iPod yesterday and I realized how truly awesome the whole album really is.

I guess it might take time to get to love her voice, which is sort of crackly and off key, but I love it, perhaps because how this is how I would sing if I did? There are fantastic backup singers, and country style twangy guitars, and the most charming lyrics. So check it out! You won’t regret it.

Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down – Bag of Hammers

Also, this is the song that some of you may recall from my audition tape for an HGTV home redesign show, but thats another story for another time. I owe my two day audition to this song, I think. Thanks Thao! If only you could have got me the job…. (I was surprised to find out that I’m not the least bit funny on TV. Who knew?)

OK, Peace out! Listen to some Thao and make the world a better place.

Too much listening CBC Radio 2 at work has me alluponz Obama’s Playlist. (No such thing as too much CBC radio 2, really, right?!) This is my favourite so far:

Oscar Peterson – The Hymn to Freedom

So inspiring! I can believe the best in everyone for 5 minutes and 38 seconds. Then I just tap my feet and do jazz hands for the rest of the album. What a brilliant man! Fitting tribute for the O-Man, I think. Vote for Oscar! Oscar for Obama!

OK, I think thats my cue to go to bed. No more nonsense for you. Until next week…

So the move is ovah, and now we are residents of the bustling metropolis of Almonte! Now I have a real office, and a whole room just for sewing! Productivity is about to go way up, right? : )

I somehow lost my camera in the move, so I can’t post pictures, but it is actually a winter wonderland out here – we seem to be out of the heat dome of the city, so more snow falls and it stays longer, and it looks GORGEOUS! I shoveled last night and this morning. : )

Also – its about time for a song of the week! Song of the two weeks I guess…. This one has been sticking in my head pretty consistently, and maybe you’ve already heard it because its supa catchy, but WAIT – its a remix. Its not that I don’t like the original, but I like this remix more – its less polished and more raw, and more electronic definitely. I actually like a lot of DiscoTech’s remixes better than the originals, but I’m a jerk like that. Anyhoo – check it out:

T.I – Whatever You Like (DiscoTech Remix)

The credit train is pretty complicated… I heard it on the Hype Machine, but the blog post came via Pretty Much Amazing, and the song is by T.I., but the remix is by DiscoTech. Blerg. Enjoy the mess! Delicious mess. And now, back to work! Must find camera…  And cross country skis…

LOVE! I saw this on notcot, a beautiful video set to a beautiful song:

Broadcast 2000 “Get up and Go” from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo.

The video is by Jordan Clarke, who I hadn’t heard of before, but who is clearly a super talented new media artist. And what a fantastic way to fall in love with a song! And in fact, a band, because so far I love everything I have heard by Broadcast 2000. Check me out!

Broadcast 2000 – Get up and Go (Sample)

And you can listen to the whole song on the hype machine. Big digs! Ethereal glockenspiel – who would have thought? And my other favourite – slightly off-key harmonies. Love love love. Enjoy!

You know, I don’t usually like Snow Patrol. But this song, I really like. Maybe I will like it until they start playing it the radio. I am a jerk like that. Its kind of folksy and acoustic, but with a nice alt grit to it and echoey choruses, which I dig. Check me out! Safely at the Hype machine:

Snow Patrol – Lifeboats

No more copyright infringements for MOI!

OK, back to work. Lata on, fools.

Ben Sollee makes cello pop. yessss…. and as if that weren’t enough credibility for you to give him a listen, he also is known for a tirade against kanye, set to cello. i have liked all of the songs that i have heard so far, but this one is my current favourite:

Ben Sollee – How to See the Sun Rise

[ via aurgasm]

And in other news… Had a chill long weekend of beach going, golf playing and order finishing. Also watched all but the LAST TEN MINUTES of the dark knight, before the power went out, the screen went black and the theater employees gave us free passes and told us to go home. Now I have to sit through 2 hours and 50 minutes of it again… all without knowing the ending!? Grrrr…. It was good though, I’m not complaining. Don’t shoot me please.

On a somewhat related note: this is a picture of the gorgeous sky on the way home from golfing at Richmond Centennial It called for rain all weekend but obviously it DIDN’T! Gorgeous. I was snapping pics at 80 km/h – classic lazy photographer. Pretty though…

i was in love with the clouds pt. 1

Coming up:

  • i am whitewater rafting with peter’s cousin from india tomorrow?
  • this weekend: canoe camping in the gatineaus!
  • and after that: shawndel wedding extravaganza! featuring my toast to the bride, which i must finish soon….
  • and after THAT! camping honeymoon at gordon lake!

this summer is shaping up to become summery. about time!

This song is the catchiest song evar. A clap along beat, and a sort of 60’s-cross-eighties synth guitar combo in the back? Also I am always a sucker for boy-girl harmonies. And I don’t have time for digging too deep this week, because I start a new job tomorrow! Exciting. I’ll be doing contract design for Kaizen eBusiness as of tomorrow. Don’t worry – I’ll still have time to make fun things. But here – listen!

Bishop Allen – Rain

Time for beauty sleep. Keep in touch!

another one I found on the hype machine:

“awake at the wheel” by the glorytellers

its sort of dark and haunting but still a beautiful story and I can listen to it again and again. this is a quote from his record company: “Glorytellers is the new main vehicle for Geoff Farina’s (Karate, Secret Stars) songwriting. His distinctive voice panning bittersweet stories over his jazzy guitar work has been a signature style ever since the early 90’s.”

So apparently he’s been doing this for a while… I have listened to a little of his other stuff since… I’ll let you know if I find anymore gems that I can’t get out of my head! And now, back to work. Laters…