October 20, 2008

Sooooo I got busted for copyright violation.  I blame the kings of leon. its not MY fault their album got leaked onto the internet, is it? IS IT!>?

anyhoo – theres still a song you should hear, and these guys are from winnipeg, so i think their position will be that they need all the press they can get! Just to be safe, go to their myspace page and listen to it. They will appreciate it!


to begin with: i love the album cover! and they are from winnipeg, which you have to fly through on the way to paradise, so bonus points there. also, the boy-girl harmonies and sort of electro-synth-pop thing that is popular now. also there is clapping, which i dig.

and in other news – things have been busy around here. ballet classes being started, hats being sewn, rings being cast… jobs being done! possibly a move in the near future…partying with a minor-league baseball team. all kinds of random stuff.

more importantly, the general feeling of the season is one of the end of summer, and on that note, a SUNSET! from my recent Kenora honeymoon camping trip to Little Gordon Lake. When I die, this is where I want my ashes spread… This is my paradise!