Yes, it has been two months. Terrible! Summer is uber busy you know. I have been cooking, but I have fallen sadly behind on my music! This is one I wanted to post about 6 weeks ago. Back when it still would have been hip!

Coeur de Pirate is a 19 year old from Montreal who has apparently been playing the piano since she was three. I don’t know about you, but when I was three, I was into making mud perogies and writing on the bottom of the kitchen table with markers. But whatever works for you I guess. : )  This is a light, happy little tune with cello, tinkling piano, a pretty joyful, choir-like finale and delicious little cheerful french lyrics. It is too short! Listen to it many times. : )

Coeur de Pirate – Comme des Enfants

Thanks to Tarah for the first pointer, and then to Ca Va Cool for keeping a great list of Polaris Prize nominated artists! I heard yesterday that Coeur de Pirate didn’t make the short list. Too bad! Also too bad that she was in town for Canada Day and I didn’t feel like braving the crowds! Almonte on Canada Day is a lot more chill than Ottawa on Canada Day, let me tell you.

Aaaanyway. I highly recommend buying her album here. Enjoy, mes amis!

And standby for a recipe update. yes, it is update day. You’re in luck!!