This weekend we had some out of town guests, and one of them bought every “Happy Birthday Douchebag” card I had left in stock. I guess its time to make more! Surprise, surprise, my best-selling card is also my cheekiest. People like cheeky! Lucky for me. Here’s the pic:
a birthday card for that special someone
a birthday card for that special someone

Also here is the link to  some of my other hand-screened cards, new on etsy!

And now, time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day. Peace!


my little brother has a summer birthday. being a september child myself, i am always jealous of summer birthday kids. my stepmom says its actually a disadvantage, since by the time you want to have your birthday party, half of your friends are gone on vacation. but the summer swimming parties you could have, and the sweet summer gifts! for his fourth or fifth birthday we got him a big inflatable tigger, and one year we got him a crab-themed slip and slide. i think it would be worth it.  anyway, since it was his big day a while ago, i made him a birthday card. watercolour crayons are basically my favourite medium – so messy! fantastic.


so now i should probably get down to some real type work… but there are more birthday gifts to be made! what to do…