I stumbled across this playlist on ISO50, the site of very talented designer Scott Hansen, where I get all of Peter’s t-shirts. The man makes a mean t-shirt! Apparently he is also a musician, AND he listens to very addictive music, because I couldn’t get enough of this playlist. So check that out at your leisure, but I think my next few song’o’the weeks will be related to it. First!

Light Powered by Deastro

This is uber housecleaning music, and as one blogger put it: “Full of grand bouncing Zelda like electronics, it was hard not to like.” I pretty much can’t put it any better than that! I am usually not crazy about electronica, but this has so much personality! Love it.

Enjoi, and stay tuned…

Yes, it has been two months. Terrible! Summer is uber busy you know. I have been cooking, but I have fallen sadly behind on my music! This is one I wanted to post about 6 weeks ago. Back when it still would have been hip!

Coeur de Pirate is a 19 year old from Montreal who has apparently been playing the piano since she was three. I don’t know about you, but when I was three, I was into making mud perogies and writing on the bottom of the kitchen table with markers. But whatever works for you I guess. : )  This is a light, happy little tune with cello, tinkling piano, a pretty joyful, choir-like finale and delicious little cheerful french lyrics. It is too short! Listen to it many times. : )

Coeur de Pirate – Comme des Enfants

Thanks to Tarah for the first pointer, and then to Ca Va Cool for keeping a great list of Polaris Prize nominated artists! I heard yesterday that Coeur de Pirate didn’t make the short list. Too bad! Also too bad that she was in town for Canada Day and I didn’t feel like braving the crowds! Almonte on Canada Day is a lot more chill than Ottawa on Canada Day, let me tell you.

Aaaanyway. I highly recommend buying her album here. Enjoy, mes amis!

And standby for a recipe update. yes, it is update day. You’re in luck!!

ladies room innovation!

ASIDE: i was at a lunch meeting today at the lone star on st. laurent, and i saw this in the ladies room. yes, it is a hair straightener vending machine. $2 for 2 minutes! fairly ridiculous and yet brilliant. probably when i actually needed this product, i would be too blotto to actually use it however. anyhoo – cool idea!

now for what i REALLY wanted to say!i haven’t posted music (or ANYTHING! ahem.) in a while, so I have a bit of a backlog. here is the new song:

Clementine by Washington

this is a link to the music video, which is pretty cool, and directed by a company with the greatest name evar, we buy your kids. the girl (megan washington) is (somewhat shockingly) unsigned and from australia, and seems super talented. she has an EP on iTunes, I am listening to it RIGHT NOW! And so should you be…

and the credit stream continues… i saw this on notcot, where i see EVERYthing! but it didn’t go straight to the official clementine video, it went to THIS video: Bathtub II by Keith Loutit, which I watched because it is shot in tilt-shift, which I am in love with! It makes everything look like the mini world at DisneyLand, where you go through the whale’s mouth. It also reminds me of Theodore, (he’s a tugboat and a friendly tugboat too!) Anyhoo, Clementine was the soundtrack, and it got me digging. Worth it!! Loveble elements of this song include – words that don’t rhyme, lyrics from childhood songs, charming piano, a sort of chill, ethereal vibe, and two very cool videos. what more can one ask for? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ok, done ranting for now. take care, my darling clementines.

yes, the new metric album (fantasies) is out, and it is awesome! it sounded oddly familiar on the first listen; i thought i knew the songs from somewhere… but not in a bad way? it sounds much like “grow up and blow away”, or other past albums, but is still fresh and singalong-alicious. they don’t seem to be suffering from the pressure that afflicts many bands when they start to become a little more popular and they lose their edge, which is also excellent.

so, it was tough to pick a single song (and fortunately I don’t have to, because I am just cheaping out and linking to their mySpace – I learned my lesson with big bands!) but i chose “gimme sympathy” because i really like the “oh seriously” after the beatles/rolling stones reference. i also very much dig “stadium love” and “gold guns girls”, and yes, basically all the songs on the album. LISTEN TO THEM ALL!

Metric Myspace

On another note – has anyone else noticed the bizarre increase in the number of hot stewardesses in downtown ottawa on weekday mornings? there were also pilots, but they are not as hot. pillbox hats just don’t do it on dudes! the girls, however are too hot to actually work in airports, so i am guessing it is some kind of guerilla marketing tactic. that said, they are not branded, so its probably not that successful of a marketing technique! anyone?

listen to metric, and find out about stewardesses for me, ok? inquiring minds and all that.

also, here is a photo i took:

this is near the queensway exit on woodroffe. pretty area, right? well the sky was pretty glorious, anyway! makes me hold my breath for spring though. will keep holding it…

Today I am trying to finish some web projects so I can get back to making things. Here is my new favourite coffeeshop on a springish winters day!

The art on the wall (which rotates! yes, its a coffee shop/gallery!) is by Rosemary Leach. I like the one with the ice cream scoop and the one with the espresso machine.

Also, I am nominating a new song of the week! As always, its not actually that new, but I love it the more I listen to it. The whole album is pretty great, actually. Check it out! TV On the Radio seems to be one of those genre-defying bands, but they have lots of soul. In the figurative sense I mean, more than the genre. Ahem. Just listen to it!!

TV On The Radio – Love Dog

Via the Hype Machine / my friend Tarah, and then via We All Want Someone To Shout For. Thanks, peeps!

This is sort of an oldie but as I went through my archives I realized I had never posted it.  Shocking! It came up on my iPod yesterday and I realized how truly awesome the whole album really is.

I guess it might take time to get to love her voice, which is sort of crackly and off key, but I love it, perhaps because how this is how I would sing if I did? There are fantastic backup singers, and country style twangy guitars, and the most charming lyrics. So check it out! You won’t regret it.

Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down – Bag of Hammers

Also, this is the song that some of you may recall from my audition tape for an HGTV home redesign show, but thats another story for another time. I owe my two day audition to this song, I think. Thanks Thao! If only you could have got me the job…. (I was surprised to find out that I’m not the least bit funny on TV. Who knew?)

OK, Peace out! Listen to some Thao and make the world a better place.

Too much listening CBC Radio 2 at work has me alluponz Obama’s Playlist. (No such thing as too much CBC radio 2, really, right?!) This is my favourite so far:

Oscar Peterson – The Hymn to Freedom

So inspiring! I can believe the best in everyone for 5 minutes and 38 seconds. Then I just tap my feet and do jazz hands for the rest of the album. What a brilliant man! Fitting tribute for the O-Man, I think. Vote for Oscar! Oscar for Obama!

OK, I think thats my cue to go to bed. No more nonsense for you. Until next week…

So the move is ovah, and now we are residents of the bustling metropolis of Almonte! Now I have a real office, and a whole room just for sewing! Productivity is about to go way up, right? : )

I somehow lost my camera in the move, so I can’t post pictures, but it is actually a winter wonderland out here – we seem to be out of the heat dome of the city, so more snow falls and it stays longer, and it looks GORGEOUS! I shoveled last night and this morning. : )

Also – its about time for a song of the week! Song of the two weeks I guess…. This one has been sticking in my head pretty consistently, and maybe you’ve already heard it because its supa catchy, but WAIT – its a remix. Its not that I don’t like the original, but I like this remix more – its less polished and more raw, and more electronic definitely. I actually like a lot of DiscoTech’s remixes better than the originals, but I’m a jerk like that. Anyhoo – check it out:

T.I – Whatever You Like (DiscoTech Remix)

The credit train is pretty complicated… I heard it on the Hype Machine, but the blog post came via Pretty Much Amazing, and the song is by T.I., but the remix is by DiscoTech. Blerg. Enjoy the mess! Delicious mess. And now, back to work! Must find camera…  And cross country skis…

LOVE! I saw this on notcot, a beautiful video set to a beautiful song:

Broadcast 2000 “Get up and Go” from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo.

The video is by Jordan Clarke, who I hadn’t heard of before, but who is clearly a super talented new media artist. And what a fantastic way to fall in love with a song! And in fact, a band, because so far I love everything I have heard by Broadcast 2000. Check me out!

Broadcast 2000 – Get up and Go (Sample)

And you can listen to the whole song on the hype machine. Big digs! Ethereal glockenspiel – who would have thought? And my other favourite – slightly off-key harmonies. Love love love. Enjoy!

You know, I don’t usually like Snow Patrol. But this song, I really like. Maybe I will like it until they start playing it the radio. I am a jerk like that. Its kind of folksy and acoustic, but with a nice alt grit to it and echoey choruses, which I dig. Check me out! Safely at the Hype machine:

Snow Patrol – Lifeboats

No more copyright infringements for MOI!

OK, back to work. Lata on, fools.