First, a note:

Dear WordPress:

I wish you would let me embed Flash code in my blog. Other than that, everything is cool.

Thanks, Danielle.

So I can’t embed it, but check it out at ArchDaily, where I watched it.

The video is 8 minutes long, but if you’re a design nerd like me, you will be entranced. And shocked that they wear NO safety equipment. Ahhh, the Mad Men years…

OK, back to websites. Enjoy!

(via NOTCOT.)

I guess thats a spoiler. This IS a pretty deep plot… It makes me chuckle though. Especially because everyone hates Comic Sans. Comic Sans is the Pauly Shore of the type world. OK, I’m done now.

Anyhoo, I am not quite smart enough to get it to embed, but you can watch it here!

(via Core77)

Other news: First day at Kaizen¬†was fab! A shift from my former routine, but I think it will work well. Learning new acronyms and all that jazz…

Also, we lost the first game of our double-header but won the second, and I had my best hit ever. Yes, it went over the infielders. I am a baseball genius.