ladies room innovation! and unrelated song of the week – clementine by washington

May 2, 2009

ladies room innovation!

ASIDE: i was at a lunch meeting today at the lone star on st. laurent, and i saw this in the ladies room. yes, it is a hair straightener vending machine. $2 for 2 minutes! fairly ridiculous and yet brilliant. probably when i actually needed this product, i would be too blotto to actually use it however. anyhoo – cool idea!

now for what i REALLY wanted to say!i haven’t posted music (or ANYTHING! ahem.) in a while, so I have a bit of a backlog. here is the new song:

Clementine by Washington

this is a link to the music video, which is pretty cool, and directed by a company with the greatest name evar, we buy your kids. the girl (megan washington) is (somewhat shockingly) unsigned and from australia, and seems super talented. she has an EP on iTunes, I am listening to it RIGHT NOW! And so should you be…

and the credit stream continues… i saw this on notcot, where i see EVERYthing! but it didn’t go straight to the official clementine video, it went to THIS video: Bathtub II by Keith Loutit, which I watched because it is shot in tilt-shift, which I am in love with! It makes everything look like the mini world at DisneyLand, where you go through the whale’s mouth. It also reminds me of Theodore, (he’s a tugboat and a friendly tugboat too!) Anyhoo, Clementine was the soundtrack, and it got me digging. Worth it!! Loveble elements of this song include – words that don’t rhyme, lyrics from childhood songs, charming piano, a sort of chill, ethereal vibe, and two very cool videos. what more can one ask for? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ok, done ranting for now. take care, my darling clementines.


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