song o’ the week! (month?) metric – gimme sympathy

April 30, 2009

yes, the new metric album (fantasies) is out, and it is awesome! it sounded oddly familiar on the first listen; i thought i knew the songs from somewhere… but not in a bad way? it sounds much like “grow up and blow away”, or other past albums, but is still fresh and singalong-alicious. they don’t seem to be suffering from the pressure that afflicts many bands when they start to become a little more popular and they lose their edge, which is also excellent.

so, it was tough to pick a single song (and fortunately I don’t have to, because I am just cheaping out and linking to their mySpace – I learned my lesson with big bands!) but i chose “gimme sympathy” because i really like the “oh seriously” after the beatles/rolling stones reference. i also very much dig “stadium love” and “gold guns girls”, and yes, basically all the songs on the album. LISTEN TO THEM ALL!

Metric Myspace

On another note – has anyone else noticed the bizarre increase in the number of hot stewardesses in downtown ottawa on weekday mornings? there were also pilots, but they are not as hot. pillbox hats just don’t do it on dudes! the girls, however are too hot to actually work in airports, so i am guessing it is some kind of guerilla marketing tactic. that said, they are not branded, so its probably not that successful of a marketing technique! anyone?

listen to metric, and find out about stewardesses for me, ok? inquiring minds and all that.

also, here is a photo i took:

this is near the queensway exit on woodroffe. pretty area, right? well the sky was pretty glorious, anyway! makes me hold my breath for spring though. will keep holding it…

2 Responses to “song o’ the week! (month?) metric – gimme sympathy”

  1. said

    I concur on the new Metric album, although I haven’t “owned” the other ones, so I’m not sure how familiar it is to them precisely.
    I bought the new album off of, (as well as 2 albums by the Great Lake Swimmers).
    I think my fav track so far is Collect Call, but yeah, I agree, the whole album is good to listen to through and through.

    Why no pictures of these said flight attendants?

    • phasesix said

      ha – too early for pictures! twice i saw them from my morning bus, i usually only wake up as i go through town and don’t really wake up until i get a coffee. sorry!

      i was just listening to great lakes swimmers today at work! cbc radio 3, what would we do without you? they are so painfully canadian. 🙂

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