Pears Are The New Birds

February 12, 2009

I just wanted to comment on a little trend I have noticed. Its starts in housewares, then ends up all over, on hats, jewelry, etc. First it was deer,

then it was birds,

with a brief foray into owls specifically:

and now its pears?

I don’t know what comes after pears. what am i, a fortune teller? i just wanted to make an observation, is all. : ) get your pears, while they’re hot!!


3 Responses to “Pears Are The New Birds”

  1. willem said

    I like how you put the Eames bird in there, but since it is an Eames bird, doesn’t that mean that either, a) the Eames’s were way ahead of their time
    b) the Eames’s are simply timeless
    c) nobody found this Eames bird till recently?
    d) …I dunno, either way, the Eames’s did this a good while ago, right?

  2. willem said

    Oh, another note on the trends, it’s just gonna continue with some sort of nature inspired stuff, isn’t it?
    Something fairly pure and simple in form. Easy to translate graphically, and something people would like to reconnect with.
    Who knows, maybe you can set the trend, figure out what it should be, and see some famous names in design hocking your idea 6 months down the road!

  3. phasesix said

    as for the first one… a AND b! sure i could have found a newer bird example, but it wouldn’t be better than the eames bird, right? and as fo rthe second… nature is always in, i suppose. i am working on getting leaves to be the next big thing, i’ll let you know how it turns out!!

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