More New Jewelry! Wood Slice Earrings

October 30, 2008

Trickle trickle goes the flow of new jewelry…

Check out the Wood Slice Earrings I just posted to my etsy shop! They are sterling silver with a rosewood inlay. These are some of my favourite pieces. I love wood and metal though, so I’m probably biased.

Have a Happy Gate Night, everyone! Don’t get into trouble. : )


4 Responses to “More New Jewelry! Wood Slice Earrings”

  1. Nice, rosewood is getting a little harder to find.

  2. phasesix said

    I got lucky, my jewelry teacher Karl Schutt gave me a stack of random woods. I got the impression he is a bit of a hoarder. : )

  3. Very Unique Design. I am wondering if they are very heavy, they appear to be fairly large.

    • phasesix said

      Thanks! They are not too heavy, they are wide, but quite thin. They might bother some people, but I like my earrings to have a little swing to them, so I assume there are other like me!

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