Bringing Phase Six into the Blog World…

July 4, 2008

So this is where I’ll be posting Phase Six News periodically. Whats going on at present:

I am learning Dreamweaver and properly coding and updating CSS is cool, but me using it is sort of like me editing a paper in Italian; its hard to find the mistakes when you don’t even completely know the grammar or the vocabulary! There are a ton of resources on it though, particularly I’ve been using Lightbox and CSSPlay.

I have one last silver soldering class with Karl at Algonquin, and then its time to go equipment shopping, as I don’t yet have the stuff to do everything at home. Its a slippery slope though… I’ve been eyeing this Doming Punch on etsy… A lot of jeweller’s tools are so archaic, it reminds me of my Grandpa Peacock’s garage. This is what I made last class:

I am learning to work with copper now too – you can get some really cool colours just by heating it up. So many possibilities, so little time…

OK, time to get back to Dreamweaving. Peace out!!


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